Monday, February 15, 2010

How to fold a Spherical Flower Ball Chinese New Year Lantern

In my earlier video post on "How to make a Flower Ball Chinese New Year Lantern", some of my visitor might be wondering how to further fold the flower ball to remove spikes to make it a sphere flower ball just like my picture below.

Thus, I upload this post. I sincerely hope you could learn to make one for your loved ones for Chinese New Year to bring more joy to your family.

If you have followed my earlier video on making the flower ball, here's the very simple additional steps.
Just fold in the edges or "spikes" and staple them. My picture below gives you a reference of how I did it.

I would suggest you to use red staplets in your stapler to do this, otherwise it could be quite unsightly to see staplets all over your flower ball lantern.
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