Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Chinese New Year Lantern - Lucky Star 吉星高照

My neighbour praised my Flower Ball Chinese New Year Lantern was very beautiful.
She told me that her kid enjoyed doing handicraft but that flower ball would be too difficult for her 5 years old child.

This is a very simple to make Chinese New Year Lantern. It has the shape of a star. We give it an auspicious name for Chinese New Year called "The Lucky Star".

If the school teacher asks your kid to make a handicraft for this coming Chinese New Year, you can teach your children to do this.

1. You need just 10 Ang Pows (red money envelopes)
2. Fold each red envelope into a diamond shape.
3. Staple 5 diamond shaped red envelopes to form the star, make 2 sets.
4. Combine the 2 sets and you would have a Lucky Star with the front and the back.
5. Add beads and string to make it more interesting and ostentatious (showy/catchy/flashy)

I made a pair for my neighbour's boy. He was so happy when he received them.
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