Monday, October 15, 2012

Found Video on How to Make a Decorative Flower Ball with Red Packets 红包绣球

I'm so glad to find another video that demonstrate How To Make A Decorative Flower Ball With Red Packets.

When I browsed through this video, I noticed this lantern is different from the one I made in my earlier post on "How to make a Flower Ball Chinese New Year Lantern"

This lantern is also beautiful. To me, this one looks like a flower bouquet. I would like to call it the flower bouquet lantern instead.

I counted this lantern would need 30 pieces of red packets, each red packet trimmed into rectangle of 2:1, i.e. a rectangle comprising of 2 squares.

In another words, it means there are 24 pieces of rectangles, the balance 6 pieces rectangles to be trimmed further to make 12 squares.

This video I found would demonstrate how to make this flower bouquet lantern