Friday, July 30, 2010

铜线灯笼 Ancient Coin Ang Bao lantern

Found another YouTube video on how to make an "Ancient Coin Lantern" with Red packets (Ang Bao).
We need 16 rectangular Ang Bao envelopes to make this lantern.
I've translated some brief notes, so you can also understand and learn from the video

1- On each red envelope, fold the 4 edges (see 0:17), front view (see 0:20)
2- Select an edge, staple 4 envelopes together, form a "set" (see 0:25)
3 - Make 2 sets, staple the edges and adjust it to form a "coin" (see 0:37)
4 - Please the red envelopes accordingly and staple altogether (see 0:43)
5 - You then see the resulted form. Top View (at 0:52), side view (at 0:55)
6 - Add decorations like roses, paper crane, paper fish and it is done! (see 1:16)

When the wind blows, your lantern will turn round and round. See (1:19)

How NICE! :)))