Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Chinese New Year Lantern - Valentine Heart. 心形红包灯笼

Lunar New Year this year 2010 falls on 14 February. It's also Valentine's Day.

This heart-shaped lantern adds Valentine's Day ambience while we are celebrating Chinese New Year.

For this heart-shaped Chinese New Year Lantern, I used 21 pieces of red packets, although the steps in my manual I counted was only 20 pieces.

1. Five pieces of red packet, folded into diamond shape. Staple them to form a 5 petals blossom. Make two sets.
2. The side is made with three pieces of diamond shaped folded red packet. There are 2 sides, you will need six pieces.
3. At the top was four pieces of diamond shaped folded red packets.
4. I used an extra one red packet to stick on the top so that I could hold it with a string for hanging.

It's quite challenging to me to make this heart-shaped lantern. I tried thrice, and only this looks like a heart. The other 2 turned out to look like a red pepper and a strawberry.

You could stick addition flower decoration to the lantern to make it exotic. For me, a simple valentine will do. :)
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  1. do you have a video on how to make the heart sharp lantern. the direction is not too clear.

  2. hi how do u staple the 3 on sides ? do u have video ?