Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Another Ball shaped Chinese New Year Lantern 红包绣球

This is another flower ball I've made with 30 red money envelopes (or Ang Pow we called it)

I've run out of red envelopes with patterns printed on both sides. This set of red money envelopes has no patterns printed at the back of each.

If I just cross-fold and staple the edges following the flower ball I did earlier, I think it'd look simple, a red ball with yellow round patches.

For this one, I did some triangular fold at the edges. My surprise too, it turns out to look like I have 5 petals flower ribbon sticking on a ball! Well, it looks 3-dimensional to me.

My hubby told me this flower ball looks more like a kind chinese mallet weapon called 槌。Haha, very funny.

I've done a pair. I'm hanging them at the door. Good, a pair of mallets, ward off all the evil bad things away.

Anyway, my neighbour saw them and told me they look beautiful. Yay! Yay! So happy!
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