Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Chinese New Year Gift for my Teacher

Chinese New Year is just 2 weeks ahead. Since I've learned to make Flower Ball Chinese New Year lantern this year, I'm going to give this as a Chinese New Year Gift to my teacher.

Ms Gladys Tan is our Tai Chi Class instructor. I always respect and admire her very much.
She is positive and passionate. She is continuously learning and upgrading herself on Tai Chi, and very generously she would share with us her knowledge about Tai Chi

For this lantern, I've added flowers to make it more interesting. Now it doesn't look like a mallet, does it?

I think she would like it. ^v^
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  1. I'm glad Ms Tan likes my gift to her. She commented this flower ball is special because I've folded the edges differently like a ribbon. Yes!

    She also commented that I've chosen a very suitable picture of the red packet, it's a round picture. And the flowers I added matches very well the colour of the folded edges. I am so touched.

  2. can show me how to fold and the instruction ?