Thursday, February 4, 2010

Chinese New Year Lantern - The Lucky "8" 幸运发财红包灯笼

The number "8" is considered as a lucky symbol among the Chinese. "8" is pronounced as "ba" in Mandarin, and it sounds similar to “发”pronounced as "fa", meaning "prosperous".

The symbol "8" is rounded, it also signifies “圆圆满满”. It represents continuation, totality and complete success.

Business owners associate "8" to their business continuation to prosperity, wealth and success.

You might have heard some Chinese in Singapore they would cheer "Huat" (meaning “发”in Hokkien ) when they were toasting to celebrate progress for their business.

This is also an easy to make CNY lantern. It's made using only 14 red money envelope. For this lantern, I have chosen to use red envelope with the traditional chinese word “发". It's appropriate and meaningful.
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