Monday, February 1, 2010

Chinese New Year Lantern - Flower Ball Ornaments 红包彩球

This Chinese New Year lantern is made up of 30 pieces of red packets. It looks like a flower ball ornament.

I just learned this from an instruction book.

A special thing about this lantern is that the 30 red packets, each red money envelope has patterns printed on both sides.

I've specially selected that set of red packets to make this flower ball ornaments so that when I fold in the edges, I can have the patterns from the back side of the red envelope to be shown at the front. And I have a more colourful flower ball 彩球, than a red ball.

Not all red packets have patterns printed on both sides of each red envelope. If you can't get a set with patterns printed on both sides, a suggestion to you is to paste gold tape or any other coloured tapes at the sides of each red money envelope. To stick that, it requires time and effort.

Therefore, you may like to chose and buy the red packets suitable for the Chinese New Year Lanterns that you want to make.

I love browsing Ang Pow red packets with different prints and patterns. Some printed with the picture of the God of Wealth 财神,the chinese character 福 meaning good fortune, blessing and happiness, and "Gong Hey Fatt Choy" 恭喜发财 meaning wishing you prosperity. All the auspicious, happy and encouraging words printed on these red packets can make you so happy!
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  1. can u show me how to fold the red packet.

  2. Hi

    Can u pls show me how to fold the red packet. Can e-mail to me


  3. Thanks Jane for visit your visit and comments. I've posted a step-by-step guide to this link.

  4. Привет, очень красиво! Я - русская. Я не могу понять какие это пакеты? Потому что в России таких пакетов нет. Это бумажные пакеты для чая? Вероятно, они продаются только в Китае, это значит, что я не смогу сделать этот красивый бумажный шар никогда(:

    1. Hi, Tulyka,
      Thank you for the comment. Sorry that I only notice the comment now. A red envelope or red packet is a monetary gift which is given during holidays or special occasions in our Chinese culture. The Red packet itself is used to hold the gift.

      More information:

  5. Translation of Tulyka's comment from Russian to English from Google Translate: Hello, very nice! I - Russian. I can not understand what this package? Because in Russia such packages do not. This paper bags for tea? Probably they are only sold in China, it means that I can not do this beautiful paper ball ever (: