Sunday, September 30, 2012

Tang Lung - Traditional Lantern in Mid Autumn Festival

I found this video featuring the making of traditional lantern for Mid Autumn Festival called "Tang Lung"

"Tang Lung" is a Cantonese translation, it means "Lantern".

This type of lantern is made up of wire and transparent coloured paper. However,  It  require skills to make the lantern into different shapes, objects or animals. 

The lantern was lit with a candle. Therefore, we need to exercise care when we hold the lantern.

I remembered when I was child, in the earlier 1980s, my mother bought for my younger brother and me such lanterns to play with during Mid Autumn Festival. 

I also recalled my primary school teacher used to teach us make such lantern too, using wires and transparent coloured paper. It was a simpler one, we would use wires to make 4 rings, held the 4 rings with sticky tapes, and coil a piece wire to make a candle holder on the lantern. After that, we would paste on it the transparent coloured paper.

I hope the art of making this Tang Lung preserved.

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