Friday, September 28, 2012

Big Lanterns Display at Singapore River During Mid Autumn Festival

Traditionally, the lantern festival falls on the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, or "Yuan Xiao".
In Singapore, we celebrate the lantern festival on the Mid Autumn Festival or "中秋节Zhong Qiu Jie".
Mid Autumn Festival falls on the fifteenth day of the lunar Eighth month, which is on the 30th September this year in 2012.

Of course, there are many big lantern displays to celebrate Mid Autumn Festival.
Singapore River is one of the places that display these big lanterns.

Here are some photos to share with you, hope you enjoy viewing.

Fishes are Auspicious to the Chinese, it symbolizes Abundance.

This display illustrates "Spring Festival" i.e. Chinese New Year

This displays "Duanwu", which is the Rice Dumpling Festival and also known as Dragon Boat Festival

This illustrate "Qixi Festival", which is the Chinese Valentine's Day, with a romantic story

This is about "DongZhi" known as Winter Solstice Festival 

This display illustrates the most happening festival in Singapore, known as "Zhong Yuan 中元节" which is the Hungry Ghost Festival, when you can see people burning offerings and stage performances in the neighbourhoods called "Getai" 歌台

Chang'er, the Chinese Goddess of the Moon, an important character for Mid Autumn Festival, with a beautiful story behind

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