Sunday, January 19, 2014

How to make a Triangular Ang Bao Lantern

I just made this triangular Ang Bao Lantern out of the blue while I was playing with my red packets.

I used three large red packets to form a triangular upper layer, and another three large red packets to make the bottom layer.

Then I used three smaller red packets to make a "pendulum" in its centre. You can click to my previous post on my Diamond Ang Pow Lantern as a reference to learn to make this "pendulum"

After the lantern was completed, I was trying to give it an appropriate name.

I did a research on its shape, and I learned there was a mathematical term on the geometry of the upper and bottom layer, called "tetrahedron".

So if you are doing this Ang Bao Lantern with your children, you might also want to introduce to them this geometrical term  "tetrahedron", when you can have fun and learn a bit of mathematics.

Here is a video that I've created to show you how I make this triangular ang bao lantern, so you can also have something special for Chinese New Year.

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  1. Your lanterns are all so beautiful!

    I was wondering: approximately how large are the large and small packets? One of the crafts in this year's country fair is to make a Chinese lantern and I would like to give it a shot. This one looks neat and not too difficult.