Tuesday, December 31, 2013

How to make this simple Chinese Auspicious Knot 吉祥结 in only 3 minutes!

When you look at some Chinese New Year Ornaments that were for sale, do you notice as I do, besides using simple tassels, there were also those very pretty Chinese knots on the Chinese New Year Lanterns.

If you are getting bored with using simple tassels to make your Chinese New Year Lantern, here is a very simple to make Chinese Knot called the "Auspicious Knot" or "吉祥结" (Ji Xiang Jie) that you can make for yourself.

I have done the above this one myself in only 3 minutes! Just by following the steps in the video below that I have found on YouTube, it's really simple.

What you need:

1. A thick coloured string of 1 metre long
2. Just follow the steps in the above video
3. If you want to make cuter, smaller knot, you might want to teach your kid to do it. They have smaller hands! Probably can give your kid the coloured string at about 90cm long.

Here are more Auspicious knots that I've made.

These Auspicious Chinese Knots make pretty nice ornaments. You can make them as gifts to friends and relatives during Chinese New Year, or during other auspicious occasions like birthday, as a simple gift to your classmates.

Below is another picture of my Chinese Auspicious Knot that I have just made and the Red Tassel that I usually use for making my Chinese New Year Lantern.

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