Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Interest in Ang Pow Lantern Making 红包灯笼兴趣

Since I was in primary school, I recalled Mum was fascinated by those lanterns made of red packets (Ang Pow) every Chinese New Year. Neither she had received one as a gift from my cousin who knew how to make one nor she would buy from the shop as it was so expensive to buy one. Instead, she would turn to me and asked: "Ah Feng, do you know how to make them?"

From then onwards, I got mesmerized whenever I passed by shops that were selling Chinese New Year Lanterns or decorations made of Ang Pow (red packets). Stand and stare.

Now, Mum gets her Ang Pow Lanterns every Chinese New Year from me! She is so happy every Chinese New Year.

Seriously, it is not expensive if you how to make them.

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